22/4, late afternoon

The freckle-faced one! The nurse brought me to my room and who's there, lying in one of the beds, if not the freckle-faced girl. Klara. She's having her appendix removed. I think I have pain in my arm, but it's NADA compared to what she feels. She was lying there in bed, with a DVD player on her belly and trying to look happy. Her dad is lying beside her. I think they were looking at some action film. She smiled at me. Even though she was in pain. Incredible smile! Wide and glittery or whatever. But then mom pulled the curtain and I couldn't see her freckle face any more. But I heard her. Heard how she whined about her stomach and how her dad did his nice daddy-talk with her. A nurse came to my bed. I didn't dare ask her about a boner of course. But I did ask her if it was possible to wake up in the middle of it all. But evidently it wasn't. They pump a drug into you the whole time. During the whole operation they keep it coming. You just can't wake up. Sweet! Evidently no reason to worry about telling any secrets either. You sleep so deeply that you don't have the energy to rant and rave and if you do they could care less. They're too busy doing other things to worry about me ranting about Maja. Or raving about Miss Freckle Face. My piercing has got to go. And I just got it. By myself. What a pain in the ass. Hope it doesn't grow back together so I have to do it over and go through that again. I can keep my braces though. Apparently they don't conduct electricity. Would have been cool if they did, turn me into the most incredible hulk. Now I'm going to lie down and try to have a peek at Klara through the curtains. Her name is Klara.

The dad is lying beside Klara in the hospital bed, he is wearing a shirt and jeans
Watching a movie
A red drapery
Red drapery