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Ronja lies in bed. The doctor draws a black arrow on Ronja's left knee.
A different morning - Ronja wakes up at the hospital

Ronja has already been awake several hours when KP comes to visit the ward where she slept the night. “I woke up at twenty past four and was unable to go back to sleep. I don’t really know why. I haven’t had time to become really nervous as I only found out that I would have an operation last Thursday. Now it really feels best to have it done.” Ronja chats with her dad who sits on the sofa next to the bed. He has also slept at the hospital. The orthopedic surgeon David comes into Ronja and checks how she is feeling. He takes out a felt-tip pen and draws on Ronja’s bad knee. This is done so that he does not need to hesitate when it comes to which knee shall be operated on, when in the operating theatre.