22/4, lunch

Yeah. This is where I have to lie. In a small hospital room for two patients. But there's only me and dad. My stomach continues to saw on, and it feels totally empty in there. Precisely, how it is, too. Zero food. Still not hungry though, only empty. Dad is full up since he only recently had lunch. I suffer from appendicitis. A tiny, blind gut that keeps sabotaging me deep inside. An appendix. I can see it in front of me. How it's groping around in the dark and just nibbles inside me, bites into everything, that's how it feels. I'm going to have surgery this afternoon.

To be put to sleep. Think if I'm getting my period during surgery?! Since of course the appendix is situated under there somewhere. Am I allowed to wear panties? Think if I'm meant to be lying there with my pussy up in the air with everyone watching and laughing. Only because mine is so childish, and not at all like that of an ordinary fjortis. (Swedish word for a young girl or boy who is stuck up and stupid). Perhaps they take pictures and have them published on the web? Under the caption naked rat. And then, I'll get my period of course, in the middle of everything. Blood is just squirting over all the doctors and nurses, they have to cover themselves up with gloves and towels, and I'm just lying there fast asleep, squirting blood around me. A blood fountain from the naked rat. Now, a nurse, I'll continue later!

PS 1: When I was sitting there by the doctor with my painful stomach, he asked me if I had made my debut! What debut? Written a novel or something? No, sexually. The doctor thought I was pregnant. As for me, I dont even have hair on my pussy! I, who have only kissed one and a half blokes. That's too cool. I looked like someone who had done it. But there was no baby, it was just an appendix.

PS 2: Nice guy in the waiting room. He looked a bit sad. He had all the cool clothes and all that, but he was holding his mothers hand. I like that!

A boy with dark hair rests his head on his mother's shoulder
Photo on the sly of Ossi in the waiting room
A saw