22/4 late evening

That's it. No longer wearing my chastity belt. What if it was that simple? That I, after the operation, while I was still knocked out, lost my belt. Klara saw me lying there, asleep and super handsome (yeah right) and so she just takes my belt, jumps my bones, Ninja style. Ossi! What perverted fantasies! Fat chance of that ever happening. But it was special to be knocked out. Mom sat beside me the whole time, held my hand and patted me on the head with her other hand. I got stickers on my chest, this little light switch attached to my finger and they measured something with a blue thing that put pressure on my arm. The nurse was nice to me and my mom, while the doctor measured a bunch of stuff. When that was done, I had to breathe in a mask, a bit of extra oxygen felt real weird funny feeling. So you get as much fresh air as possible. They gave me morphine too! In a tube directly into my blood. Closest I've come to drugs. But it wasn't much fun. Didn't make me want to dance exactly, just made me feel like jelly. Sent my head spinning! When that was done, they gave me a shot and then I don't remember a thing. So weird! I was lying there and they cut me up and fixed me and I was out cold and then I wake up in a totally different room with mom, as though nothing had happened. Right now I'm feeling pretty good. They're going to give me some ice cream in an hour or so. I want it now. I scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream. Big mac, big, mac, big mac. Cola, cola, coca cola. Snuff, snuff, snuff. Klara, Klara, Klara. I'm going to back up to our room soon. Wonder if she's there now?

Ossi is lying down and he's getting stickers on his chest, he is wearing a purple hat
Ossi getting tubes
Ossi is lying on a hospital bed, his mother is holding him, they are looking at each other
Sweet mother plus Ossi operation