22/4, evening

I saw her dad! Mom chatted with him and he said he wasn't allowed to see his daughter. Klara didn't want him around. This girl is tough! I want mom to be with me the whole time. I'm lying on a bed in the corridor now, next to the operating rooms. I feel like I'm about to cry and mom is rubbing my back. I could care less if I look like a wimp. I want my mom here. Beside me. All the time. What if I die? Everyone says I'm not going to die. That I'm going to wake up in a few hours and be a bit drowsy. That mom will be sitting beside me then too. If she isn't then I'll panic. Mom has to be sitting there. She has to.

Mum in glasses and a surgical green cap
Sweet mother in a surgical cap
Ivan is wearing protective clothes and he is looking at a nurse who is holding open a door
Ivan speaking to the nurse