23/4, morning

We talked! It was Klara who started. She asked me if I was hungry. If I liked the breakfast. How the operation went. If my arm hurt. Where I lived. She asked a bunch of things. She must think I'm super interesting. Good! The only thing she didn't ask was if I wanted her phone number. I do. I do. I want to be able to dial her up and hear her voice again. Klara lives across town. She has two brothers, a blue parakeet, a yellow parakeet and a guinea pig that she is tired of. A mom, a dad and a row house too. But no appendix. And not my phone number. Gotta muster the courage to give it to her before we leave. Ossi, the wimp, has to dare to make a move. Maja is history. But Ossi is never going to forget Klara.

Ossi ligger i sjukhussängen med gröna och vita lakan