Grrrrrrrrrrrr. It was out on the playground. Lots of people around. I had on my favorite hoody, the one that my sister brought back from the US. My hair looked good too (new wax is awesome!) and I was actually feeling pretty good for a change. Anyway. I'm standing there behind the jungle gym, and there was Maja too. She's real sweet. I get really nervous. Bad case of hand sweat. How come Memhet can keep his cool? He just lets loose on his skateboard, and I see him do the sweetest trick from the roof of the playhouse. Maja clapped her hands and tossed her hair so that even I got a good whiff of it. And then I'm supposed to do a backflip all of a sudden.. No joke! A backflip! Just like you see on Youtube, you know What!? No, here's Ossi, The Idiot, about to pull off the greatest backflip ever to impress Maja. So pathetic. Here goes nothing. Everybody's watching. Maja's keeping an eye on the situation. And then I completely blow it. I faceplant, my arm gets messed up, my hoody gets ripped and I'm about to start the waterworks, then Maja comes up and asks me how it went. Well I'm embarrassed, ready to cry and mad as all hell and happy. All at once. And #### if my arm doesn't hurt like hell. But I did at least make an impression on Maja. The Biggest Loser who tries to show off with a worthless backflip. Congratulations Ossi! Good for you! You sure get a lot of love for that kind of show Not.