22/4, evening

I'm now lying down in the operating room. And by now I'm aware of every procedure. I feel fully prepared, bring me a scalpel, and I'll pull my own appendix out!! They got the worst TV series here. People with masks dressed in green, and sometimes with their faces fully protected. They have asked me at least a thousand times if I'm who I am, so as to avoid any possible mistakes. So that they don't operate on my arm instead, and have the nice guy's appendix taken out. I'm getting leads on my chest. It doesn't feel that embarrassing. A bit naked perhaps, but not worse than that. I'm able to sleep now. Nice. Actually. Since my pain in the stomach is so awful a little sleep wouldn't do any harm in fact. It feels liberating. I also get ice creams sometime after I've woken up. The biggest toddler thing ever, but I am longing for a piggelin (type of Swedish ice-lolly). Not food, but piggelin.

Dad with glasses, a hat and protective clothes
Worried Ivan