22/4, early evening

I've had a word with the nurse, who has talked to dad. He is not allowed into the operation. I don't want that. Also, when I was alone with the nurse, I actually dared to ask about the other stuff. But she behaved like a nurse who always knows best. She doesn't know me, and we'll probabably never see each other again. Therefore, it was just a question of asking her, and she promised that she has seen and heard everything already, and that nothing I asked about would give her a shock. It was true in fact. She said she'd seen many fjortisar without hair on their pussies. Many with the worst Afro down there. It's as interesting for her to look at an elbow as it is a pair of titties. The body is a body, and it looks different on different people, and I was fully convinced that they were completely uninterested in me as a body. They only wanted to operate. Good. They were not interested in anything else. And that they wouldn't put me down. They were very careful with all the liquids and they double checked everything to be sure. And in case the period started squirting, the nurse promised to handle it with the greatest prudence. That makes me ready then. Dad looked a bit worried, I noticed. He should also have a chat with the nurses to put him ease, poor man. He is sitting in the waiting room now (or else he's sitting in the cafe getting stuffed with buns and pizza while his daughter is starving up here).

A half-eaten pizza and a knife in a pizza box
A woman with protective clothes, short blond hair, she is smiling and is not looking into the camera
Nice nurse