22/4, late afternoon

It was him! The nice guy from A&E! And, there I was lying beside dad watching the most geeky film, and he'd fractured his arm, and as I almost, almost forgot my painful stomach for a second, his mother drew the curtain and then we couldn't see each other any more. But I was able to hear them. He was hungry. Super hungry. I'm super thirsty. And now I cannot even have a drink. Because I'm soon due in. And have that sawing, blasted appendix removed. Perhaps they also could carry out a little bit of general surgery, now that theyre at it? I would like to have a few spots taken out from my chin. And maybe they could enlarge my breasts slightly, not with silicon and stuff, but only to give them a little boost in the right direction, so that they start growing. And a hair replacement for the little, naked pussy. The guy is chatting with a friend on his mobile now. He is laughing for fun. Loud! I also have to laugh a little. So that he knows I'm funny. 1,2,3 I'm laughing now... So there?? Perhaps I sounded half insane now? Someone who, entirely unprovoked, just laughs out loud?