22/4, afternoon

The nurse has left now. I dont think they'll take pictures of my naked rat and have them published on the web. The nurse explained exactly what they have in mind. It would involve putting down cords on the chest (embarassing! My breasts can hardly be seen, and, yes, I wouldnt want anyone to see them. I hardly dare to look at them myself), peace and quiet and drip bottles, and in the case of any piercing it should be removed (yes, that is very hypothetical, as I may not have any piercing, mum). They wash my body precisely where I'm going to be operated on, and I'm allowed to wear panties and an ugly Lucia dress as well. Without having to ask first ( I wouldn't have dared to even), the nurse said that they are operating on people everyday and that they have seen it all and that they haven't got the slightest interest in breasts and bums, but only in the operation itself. Fine. But still. Dad is with me. I don't want him to see my almost non-existent breasts. He doesn't care of course, but I do. I must say to the nurse that dad isn't to be allowed to attend when those leads are put on. Now, there's knocking on the door!

A person is holding a rat in cupped hands
Hairless rat
A person is holding up their shirt to show their tummy
Tummy ache