23/4, late morning

In two hours I'm going home. Shit. Don't want to. Want to stay here beside Ossi. He's in the bathroom now, but a moment ago he sat beside me checking out Die Hard 2 on DVD. His mum was out for a walk, my dad was at work and I was checking out a few lousy action movies that Dad had picked up on his way here. Ossi was lying in his bed sending text messages and then I heard myself asking if he didn't want to check out the movie. I had meant for him to stay in his bed, but that we would still be able to watch the movie, like. But he just said yes and jumped out of his bed and sat beside me. But it was as if he changed his mind, so he moved to the edge of my bed. So he nearly fell off. Sweet, He smells nice. He feels soft. When he giggles he closes his eyes. It's such a simple feeling. But how can it be so difficult to just give him my number?

Ossi and Klara lie next to each other wearing protective clothes in a bed. Ossi is looking at Klara.
Klara filming - Ossi